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Remember the card game that we all played as children? War. A majority of casinos have a War Table. This game is similar to the other except that we are betting on every card flip. War is today one of the most fair casino games.

It is possible to make money playing this simple game. As long as you stick to the rules and don’t allow greed to get in your way, it’s possible. Greed is the casino’s biggest advantage ewallet slot. Many people who win money at casinos fail to walk away, and sometimes lose their entire winnings.

You must practice. If you practice, you’ll build the confidence that you need to wager at least $640.00 per hand in order to make a small profit. You will be able to see how profitable the system is if you follow the strategy.

1. You will need to have $1,000 cash in order to get started.

2. If you are looking for a casino that offers war, make sure the minimum wager is $10.00. The maximum bet must be at least $1,000. If you are unable to find one, don’t bother using this system.

3. There should be at least two people in the room with you.

4. Don’t wager more that $10.00 per hand. To double your winnings, you must have a low initial bet. Starting at $10.00, you can double your stake 7 times before reaching the maximum wager of $1,000 at the most American casinos. If you practice, you will see how many losses you make seven consecutive times.

5. You can only win $10.00 more if you keep betting. If you lose double your next bet. Keep at it until you win. It is very rare to lose more that 5-6 times in succession. Keep in mind that to make a profit of $10.00 it takes guts and courage to stake upwards $640.00.

6. Never lose ties. Example: You wagered $80.00. A tie was dealt to you. You gave $40.00 to casino. The casino would place $200.00 on your next wager. This means you would wager $200.00 and double your bet, from $80 – $160. Then add the $40.00 you gave to the house.

7. Once you have made $100.00 profit, take about an hour to walk off the table. Take a break and get some food. Then, come back to enjoy a little more.

8. You can leave the casino after you have earned $200.00 per day.

9. Don’t get greedy.

10. Practice, practice, practice.

Most casinos use 6-8 decks. I recommend practicing with 6-8 decks. Then, shuffle all the cards. Then deal out 4 cards face up. The dealer’s first card is the one you deal. The fourth card is your own hand. The mock players are represented by the other two cards. Did you win or lose? Lose? Or tie?

A great job is won when you win. If you lost play again. If you tie you will have to go into war. Then, deal 3 cards to your hand face down and flip the fourth. Repeat the process for the dealer. If you win, great! But if not, its just practice. Once you’re comfortable, start playing with pennies or poker chips. Each penny, chip or token will have a worth of $10.00. You can place your chips in the dealer’s pile if you are unable to win. You win one. Keep at it until you win $200.00.

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